Border Collie Portrait

Shasta the Border Collie

Custom Paintings from your photographs


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Image description

Dog Portrait (taped in place with blue tape) and reference photographs

How do I order a dog portrait?

Here is a step-by-step description of how you can get your own custom dog portrait.

  •  First send a photo or a set of photos of your dog(s)  and any specific requests that you may have (e.g. size, background colors, watercolor vs. acrylics, etc.). 

    The contact information is

  • I will review the photo(s) and your requests and we will discuss the project via email.  Also, I will review my current workload and give you an idea when I will be available to work on your portrait.

  • Next I will forward you initial suggestions (or even sketches where appropriate) to let you know how I envision the portrait.

  • You provide either your approval or suggestions for possible improvements and we optimize a painting description / proposal.

  • When you are pleased with the painting description / proposal, I will post a link for a 50% down payment. This is 100% refundable until I begin the work, then it is non-refundable because it goes to paying for the supplies I use. Also, you will also be asked to provide me copyright authorization so that I can use the art that I create on other items like keychains or postcards. 

  • Once the portrait is complete, I send you a preview snapshot via email.

  • After you approve the painting, I will post the painting on Etsy as a custom order and email you the address.  Etsy is a highly respected venue for art sales. 


Freckles, the Desert Dog: Acrylic 11x14
Painting shown next to photo by Mary N.

How do I contact  the artist?

Please email me at with your photos.


Occasionally people prefer to send physical photographs.


If you would prefer to send me the photos, then please consider the quality of the photograph. Some photographs are excellent and the portrait flows forth. These photographs have good lighting, clear images of the dogs, a nice background (unless you prefer a solid color background for the painting).

Photographs which have provided challenges in the past have included issues with only part of the dog's face in the image, shadows covering the dog, an undesirable expression, etc.

Sometimes I can still manage with these obstacles--especially if multiple photographs are included.

If you have questions, please email me. Thanks!

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Normally, email is checked once per day unless an art show conflicts. Then, email may not be checked for up to 3 days. Thanks for your understanding!