Border Collie Portrait

Shasta the Border Collie

Custom Paintings from your photographs


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How 101 Dog Portraits Came to be

It was a dark and dreary day at the art show, and customer traffic was sparse - to put it mildly. 


While other vendors were complaining about the lack of sales, or the weather, I decided to focus my thoughts on happier topics. That's when the inspiration hit.  I visualized the essence of the idea: do 101 dog portraits of people's dogs so that I can become a world-class pet portrait artist!


The next hurdle was clear: how to get people to help me build my portfolio?

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The answer the I found was the following:


Invite people to share their pet photos and do the portraits.  Then, let each one review the artwork with an option to purchase, without any pressure.


By having owners grant me copyright permission to use the artwork that I create, I'm now able to offer other items that showcase the artwork I've created.


Samples of these items are listed under the Gifts and More Page.


If you are interested in joining the fun, please check out the Next Step page.



Liz Marshall

Photo by J. McRae

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"I love my portrait of Shasta-it looks just like she used to look when she was younger!"

- Lynne C.

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"Your painting of Hominy is great.  I've already referred you to another friend of mine so that you can paint her dog too!"

- Andy M.