Border Collie Portrait

Shasta the Border Collie

Custom Paintings from your photographs


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Lucca - Golden Retriever Portrait

Reference photo courtesy of Laurie C.

Why get a dog portrait?

Dogs fill a space in our lives like no one else can. From the antics of an energetic puppy to a calmness of an older dog, our canine companions bring oodles of personality to our homes.


However, puppies grow up quickly -although the first years sometimes feel like a long time - and before we know it, our beloved dogs are acquiring gray on their muzzles.


A dog portrait helps you capture the magic of the moment and the blessings that dogs bring into our lives.

Brady - Yorkie Puppy Portrait

Reference photo courtesy of Linda P.

Hominy - Yellow Lab Portait

Reference photo courtesy of Liz M.

Can I see the artwork before purchasing?

I will send you electronic photos of your artwork before you purchase. This will let you have a chance to review the image and let me know if there are elements that I need to correct. 

After you approve the artwork, I will post it as a special offer on Etsy and then you can purchase through their website.  I will send you the link to the special offer when I have posted it on their site.

This practice protects both of us because Etsy has an excellent track record for conducting art sales.


Lucy - Rat Terrier Dog Portrait

Reference photo courtesy Margaret H.

Freckles - Desert Dog Portrait

Reference Photo courtesy of Mary N.

No Down Payment? How is this possible?

If you grant me permission to use your photograph as an artistic reference and allow me to create additional items that showcase the artwork I have created, then I am able to build a portfolio and you don't have to purchase anything!


If you are interested in what the steps are to get your own dog portrait, please click on Schnauzer to the right (or select the Steps for your portrait link).

Sadie - Schnauzer Portrait

Reference Photo courtesy of  Leslie S.